It’s All A Mystery

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martSan Ramon, CA — Few of my colleagues are aware of the work I do with Past Life Homes. Those that do find out are surprised.

It’s not all paranormal. Sometimes I am asked to sell or consult on a home where a gruesome murder has occurred that has had heavy media coverage. The home is considered stigmatized because the house becomes famous for the crime. Two great examples of this are the Jon Benet Ramsey House in Colorado and the Nicole Brown Simpson house in West Los Angeles.

Despite the home being stigmatized, the home still has value, and the owners and/or heirs need to maximize the value of that home when it is sold. That’s when they call me and my team.

Sometimes, though, folks just call because they are not sure where else to turn.

My friend Ashley came to me a couple of months ago because a friend of hers had taken photos of her husband practicing martial arts moves. The photos contained a series of light anomalies, and if you looked closely, you could see a series of heads within these anomalies. Ashley asked me what I thought.

I do not consider myself psychic – but I am extremely sensitive. I sometimes know things that others don’t – and I sometimes know things before they happen.  I had never been handed a photograph and asked for my thoughts.

It was the end of the day, I was tired, and my defenses were down. I held the photograph, sat down, took a deep breath –  and I was immediately hit with a flood of  images of what was going on.

I saw a collection of old dolls, and an elderly gentleman that was looking at them with a perplexed look. I felt old energy and a new energy. And suddenly I saw what was going on.

I told Ashley that there were dolls either already in their home or on their way to the home. It was important that her friend get rid of the dolls if they were in her home, or not to take the dolls if they were on the way to the home.  The dolls could not be around the new energy, which was a baby on the way.

Ashley told her friend and what I saw was immediately validated. The friend’s grandmother had recently passed away and her grandfather was trying to get her to take her grandmother’s doll collection. She did not want to take them and she felt guilty. No mention of the baby but I know he’s on the way.

How do you explain all of this?

Folks who practice martial arts claim that they tap into “Chi” or mystical energies. Acupuncturists claim that certain “meridian” points on the human body are focal points for Chi.

I suspect that this young man was creating this energy, or Chi, with his moves, and that the energy surrounding these dolls was using it to send a message. Which was received.

What does this have to do with selling stigmatized homes?

Sometimes I walk into a home and I know exactly what I need to do to reach the seller. Sometimes I know who the seller is long before I ever meet them.

And to be fair, sometimes I walk into a home or a space and I feel absolutely nothing.

A few months back I stood in a home with two psychic mediums whom I respect that told me we were in the presence of a very evil energy. I felt nothing. Was I being protected? Or was I not just on at the moment?

It’s all such a mystery to me.

If you are looking for help in this area, feel free to reach out to me. I consult all across the United States and I am happy to share my thoughts.

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